Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Release Day!

Well, here we are.  A year and a half after I first started work on this project, Possession is now officially my first published work of fiction.  Publishing was a much smoother process than I’d anticipated.  I did a fair amount of “manual” editing last summer before submitting the Possession manuscript to Dreamspinner Press, but even going through the real edits with Dreamspinner editor Lynn, I was amazed at how much of a breeze it all was.  And when I saw my cover art, by the incredible Paul Richmond, for the first time… love at first sight !  For the last few months, ever since I signed the contract, it’s been completely surreal.  It’s so hard to believe I’m actually having one of my pieces published

I don’t want to go on and on until the orchestra starts playing that “get off the stage” music, so I’ll keep it simple and just give a general, but deeply genuine, thanks to all those who have encouraged and supported my writing, who have helped me out with editing and proofing and commenting, who have poked me along when I needed a little extra bugging to get that next chapter done. 

Possession is available now for download at Dreamspinner Press.  As it is in eBook format, you can download it to your reader device (such as Kindle), your iPhone, or as an html or pdf (for Adobe Acrobat).  I personally prefer pdf files to read on my laptop when I download electronic material. 

Don’t forget to drop by the Dreamspinner Press blog at to check out my release party with all the “DVD extras” including an excerpt from Possession, a meet-the-author entry, the making of Punch (with pictures!), and interviews with my two main characters, Tyler Ward and Kevin Strabane (who’s beautiful faces can be seen right there on the cover!)

Thanks again, to everybody.  Read and enjoy!

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