Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding revue

Writing romance kind of made this necessary....

Having Fridays doesn’t always seem much like a day off, I usually find I’m just as busy or busier on days “off.”  This Friday was a very special, historic occasion though.  A lot of people have said through the last couple weeks that they’re totally over the whole wedding thing, having heard nothing else for months and having every little insignificant iota deconstructed time and again.  I can definitely understand that feeling, it’s exactly how I feel about Christmas every October, November, and December.  Myself, I don’t generally watch much tv or listen to the radio very much at all, so I haven’t been saturated with the whole thing as much.  In print and online, it’s perfectly easy to skip over it. 

Read on for more....

So on this Friday morning I planned to wake up a little before 4 AM when most of the networks were beginning their “pregame” coverage.  What the heck, I wanted to see some gaudy hats!  I didn’t wake up at 4 though, more like 2.  After being woken up at 5 yesterday morning by the howling wind, and spending the whole friggin day out of the house... after having been up till 12 the night before that watching a disappointing end to hockey season in Pittsburgh.  Ugh.  Ok.  I figured I could get in another two hours sleep.  But once I was awake my brain started firing with stuff I needed to work on.  No getting another couple hours sleep.  Around 3, my lil pumpkin kitty, Stan, knocked on my bedroom door, asking to come in and having a sleep-over party.  He does things like that. 

Just before 4, I got out of bed and donned my house jammies, pink and green fuzzy socks, and my burgundy velveteen with gold braiding and quilting, my royal robes of state, with tiara, of course!  I got out the Maltesers and Aero bar I picked up yesterday and headed downstairs with my throw blanket and notepad.

After watching some of the commentary on arrivals of people like Rowan Atkinson (Blackadder… or, if you must, Mr. Bean), the Beckhams and Uncle Spencer (there’s a kick in the teeth for you!), I decided it was time to grab some tea – Twinings Earl Grey, of course – and some good healthy raisin bran.  Some of the hats were a little too avant garde for me – such as Posh’s, and that “blue moon” one, to say nothing of the “antlers” the Prince’s cuz wore.  And none of them were worn by Sir Elton, who looked just lovely with David.

Then Wills and Harry made their first appearance.  What handsome young princes they make, and very obviously the best of friends.  Watching the crowds cheer along the procession route I was reminded of the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup parades from a couple years ago.  Well, something like that!  Then again, I was also reminded up Diana’s funeral.  I felt so bad for Wills and Harry that day and the one thing that will always stick in my mind is the flowers on the casket with the card reading “Mummy.”  Even now that really chokes me up.  I’m just glad William is so clearly happy now and that he found a beautiful girl with a good head on her shoulders – and that they waited to really get to know one another.  I think Diana would be bursting with pride.

By 5:30 I’d had real breakfast and it was time to break out the chocolate.  A bit of an Aero bar and that fizzy chocolate had me in heaven!  Not generally a huge fan of yellow, but I thought Her Majesty really looked good in that yellow suit.  It was very springy and warm.  Nice choice, ma’am.  By 5:50, Kate climbed into the back of the car with her dad.  Her sheer veil over a beautiful tiara and she looked so beautiful and happy.  Riding on to Westminster, she looks just like a girl in a fairy tale on the way to meet her prince.  She looks so down-to-earth and relaxed, so ready for her future role.  She’s got natural nobility.  Her sis, Pippa, looked really great too in that nice, simple dress and with the little ones.

Then at 6:00 on the dot – good old British precision - Kate’s car arrived and she stepped out.  The dress is so elegant and simple.  It’s totally Kate’s style and the whole wedding reflected the simple grace.  Kate’s little bouquet was sweet and the trees inside the cathedral looked amazing!  Such a simple thing, but I think it really made it feel like a wedding in a garden rather than in a massive, ancient, officious cathedral.  It brought the outdoors inside and seems to say quite a lot about their style and lifestyle.  More than anything, Kate looks so incredibly happy.  Harry’s grin when he turned to look back at his soon-to-be sister-in-law was adorable, especially when he commented to his big brother. 

At 7:00, the ceremony was done and the couple went into the sacristy (or that’s what it is in the Catholic church anyway) to sign all the official stuff.  Good time for a quick post-two-cups-of-tea break!  And then it was back down the aisle, together, and off on the processional route to Buckingham, where at 8:30 we got a first quick, surprise kiss, followed by a second one just a little longer.  Kate was visibly surprised by the number of people waiting to see them on the balcony, which was really sweet. 

And that wrapped up a historic morning.  Here’s wishing Kate and Wills all the best, and the least of scandals, tabloids, and intrusion.  They really seem like two very genuine, sensible people with close families for support.  It was always said that Diana wanted for her boys to lead normal lives, and as much as anyone in such a circumstance can, they have very much done so.  It was truly a modern fairy tale and promises to be a wholly new chapter in the narrative of royalty. 

Now, why do I get the feeling I’ll be falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon or really early tonight?

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