Friday, November 28, 2014

The Disaster!

It started out like any other morning.  I got up, bleary, wandered down the stairs in need of tea.  I boiled the water.  I pulled down the box of Typhoo and plucked out a bag, deposited it in the pot, with the string and tag depending out.  Then… I went to pour the water in.  And, for some reason, I did so over the sink.  I suppose I was trying to avoid drippage of water onto the counter (I usually put a towel under my tea pot to catch drips). 

Well, it was a bad idea.  Holding the tea pot in one hand and pouring with the other.  Don’t do it.  A bit of boiling water splashed on my hand.  Not enough to do any damage.  Well… not to my hand.  Unfortunately, it was enough to shock me and make me drop the teapot. 

It didn’t survive.

I was reduced to “by the cup” for several days.

Several dark days.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

PSA: The Truth About Turkeys

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, but this information should be made more permanently available, so I'm adding it here as well.  Knowledge is the key to winning the fight against turkeys!

Some of you know i've been going on about how vicious and evil turkeys are ever since i was carjacked by a gang of them a couple years ago. And now something else has come to my attention that further supports my claim about these marauders.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sex is Not a Four-Letter Word

And... we're back!  Now that mid-terms are done and finals are underway, that means resuming transmissions.  We'll be back to tea notes and guests and all sorts of lovelies soon, but today we're getting personal.  Up close and personal.  And we're talking about... SEX.

So much thanks to Grace Duncan for coming up with and organizing this blog-hop that is explicitly (hehe) sex-positive.  Please have a look at some of the other "hop" contributors as well (the list is at the end)  It's cold out there and this will warm you up :)

So then, without further ado....