Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Release Announcement!

My dearest ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me immense pleasure to officially announce the imminent release of my first published novella, Possession, available March 30, 2011 for download as an eBook through Dreamspinner Press.  

Possession is a supernatural/paranormal romance that warns of the consequences of deliberately acting contrary to the advice of horoscopes and well-meaning friends. 

Tyler Ward is an immigrant from the United Kingdom who has truly found a place for himself in America in a happy, unshakable relationship with fellow artist Kevin Strabane.  Together with their tabby cat, Teddy, Tyler and Kevin are living the American dream with a home of their own, a successful art gallery, and a close, supportive circle of friends. 

Several of Tyler’s friends are inclined to believe in astrological forecasts, but Tyler is too pragmatic for that sort of thing.  Superstitions are meaningless and foolish to him, and his usual reaction to the doom-and-gloom of horoscopes is a roll of the eyes and a patronizing smile.  Tyler believes there is no such thing as luck – “bad luck” is the result of inattention and laziness, “good luck” simply comes from awareness and hard work.  Kevin generally shares Tyler’s practical outlook, but he’s a little more open-minded and willing to consider alternative explanations for otherwise inexplicable things. 

Tyler dismisses a horoscope’s warning that bringing something “impish” home could have “disastrous and far-reaching consequences,” then decides to prove his rational point by buying an antique figure of the puckish puppet Punch when he finds one that same afternoon.  He is certain that he will be able to show his friends that their beliefs are silly when nothing “disastrous” happens just because he brought home something “impish.”  The very next day, however, begins to take aim at Tyler.  Kevin’s initial vague skepticism is quickly turned to concern for his beloved’s well-being as things get worse. 

Can Kevin get to the bottom of things before true disaster strikes?  What will it take to break through Tyler’s disbelief?  Will they be able to rid their lives of the influence of the wickedly cackling Punch once and for all? 

Read more in Possession – available March 30, 2011.


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