Monday, November 21, 2011

"Judas Kiss" review - 5 stars

Having been terribly behind in my Netflix list due to the rest of my life imposing itself on me for the last few months, I was recently made aware that Judas Kiss became available on Netflix.  On their DVD list anyway.  I can’t tell you whether it’s on instant because Netflix is in the midst of trying to burn their company down to the last shareholder by separating their services and charging separately and issuing retractions and making up stupid names for their services which are already used by some weirdo on the Twitter. 

Anyway, this is about Judas Kiss.  And it gets a lot more positive.  Right now.

Read on for more....

Hey! I have a blog! Oh yeah....

Heh.  Yep.  I do have a blog.  And here it is.  Maybe with the semester winding down i can even use it sometimes!

Sid comes back to the ice with the Pens tonight, i update blog - coincidence?  Or Mercury retrograde in action?