Friday, November 28, 2014

The Disaster!

It started out like any other morning.  I got up, bleary, wandered down the stairs in need of tea.  I boiled the water.  I pulled down the box of Typhoo and plucked out a bag, deposited it in the pot, with the string and tag depending out.  Then… I went to pour the water in.  And, for some reason, I did so over the sink.  I suppose I was trying to avoid drippage of water onto the counter (I usually put a towel under my tea pot to catch drips). 

Well, it was a bad idea.  Holding the tea pot in one hand and pouring with the other.  Don’t do it.  A bit of boiling water splashed on my hand.  Not enough to do any damage.  Well… not to my hand.  Unfortunately, it was enough to shock me and make me drop the teapot. 

It didn’t survive.

I was reduced to “by the cup” for several days.

Several dark days.

But, in the face of such a loss, the only thing for it is action.  As soon as I had my hand wrapped in a cool, damp cloth, I jumped to the web to rectify the situation.  And that shortened the duration of those dark one-cup days significantly.  And now I’m going to let you all in on a secret. 

There is a website called the English Tea Store (physically located just a few stops along the PA Turnpike).  And they have it all, folks.  Tea, biscuits, sweets, accessories, and more.  Their prices are phenomenal for imported goods, shipping is perfectly reasonable (and quick!), and they have an awesome rewards/points system. 

Thanks to them, tea resumed forthwith, in time to get me through midterms and other such necessities. 

All is well and tea reviews are scheduled to resume presently. 

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