Saturday, January 3, 2015

On Tea: Longview Estate Darjeeling

After “The Disaster,” it was time for a special brew to inaugurate the new pot.  Shortly before The Disaster I’d picked up a couple small samples (1/4 pound) of some loose leafs.  Including a 1st flush Darjeeling from Longview Estate (you might want to review the first tea post regarding flushes and such). 

I was going to do Darjeelings in general later on in the series, but since I’ve had this around, I thought I’d just jump back into it on an up-note.  As I mentioned in the review of afternoon teas, Darjeelings (and Assams) are generally considered the pinnacle of teas.  They’re most likely to receive tea gradings such as TGFOP (if you check the packaging or ask your loose leaf supplier, they may know) or be noted as 1st or 2nd flushes from specific estates. 

This tea is no exception.  I brew it fairly light as delicate Darjeeling needs a soft touch.  Get a good boil on the water, yes, but don’t overbrew it.  No more than 2 or 3 minutes in the strainer or it will get a bit bitter.  The 1st flush Longview is a smooth and flavorful tea that practically sings on the palate.  And it lingers very politely, there’s no “back of the throat” aftertaste here.

Recommendations for accompaniments?  Anything you like.  Bit of milk or cream if you usually do.  I don’t feel it needs sugar, but if that’s your thing, it will do alright here (though I’d say go easy with it, you don’t want to kill the ‘bouquet’ of this one).  Nibbles?  Again, anything goes here, but probably lightish things – probably not going to have this with a big meal that dominates your palate like Italian or something.  I generally prefer Darjeeling as an afternoon tea.  It’s a little too delicate for breakfast, for me.  I need something a bit more bracing in the morning. 

Definitely a 10/10 for this tea.  

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