Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guest Spot: Brynn Stein

It's been a LONG, busy winter around here, but now the crocuses are up, the birdies are singing, and we're going to get back in the blog spirit with a returning guest - the wonderful Brynn Stein, here to talk about what writers do when not writing (it does happen!) and to share some of her extra-literary talents.  All yours, Brynn!

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Hi all,

Jessica agreed to let me talk about some of my hobbies, today.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and an artist…not ‘or’… ‘and’. From as young as I can remember, I loved doing both. Mostly, they’ve both just been a hobby.

I found fanfiction a long while back and love writing stories for my favorite shows, but I also liked to draw characters from various fandoms, just to have something to do. I’ve been trying various facial expressions, and points of view, as well as different techniques. I’ve drawn some pics to accompany other people’s fiction, as well as my own. It gives me something to do when (if) I have any down time.

But I don’t just draw for fanfiction. I’ve always loved to draw and usually do so just about anywhere…including meetings (ask my boss), and church (ask my pastor). I’ve given away or actually sold quite a few portraits I do during these occasions, of people who are also at the meeting or in church. My pastor hung the one I did of him in his office for years.

Or, I draw random animals, etc during meetings. It’s become somewhat of a game. When we first come into the room for the meeting, people start calling out things they want me to draw.  The lion below is one of those challenges.

I also have drawn portraits for just about all my friends and family over the years and given them as gifts.

Since getting into male/male fiction, I’ve also started drawing some male/male picture. I’m still new at that, and don’t have many, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

 see my male/male pictures here

I’ve actually now made a little money doing both (art and writing). (Are they still hobbies if you make money doing it?) Besides becoming a published author (I still get chills when I say that), I’ve also sold some artwork…mostly custom portraits of animals or people.

I kind of fell into the money making part of it numerous years back, when a friend asked me to draw a picture of her kids with Jesus. She then told her friends about me when they asked where she got the portrait, and I’ve sold many, many of those types of portraits.

I also have had fun using multiple photos to make one picture. I had a customer once who wanted a portrait of her mother’s twelve grandchildren. They lived all over the world and getting a photo of the group would be impossible. She gave me twelve different pictures, with different light sources, etc, and I put them all together. I had them interact too…the older ones were holding the babies (of different families) and all of them were touching or sitting on each other’s laps. It was really fun to do, and both the lady who ordered it, and her mom (who was gifted it for Christmas) loved it.

I’ve also done numerous portraits of specific animals, as well as cards and stationery with a typical dog for various breeds, etc. I still sell a number of those from time to time.  (I sign most of my artwork by my middle name, “Lee”)

But, I’m never content to stick with what I’ve been doing, so lately I’ve been trying different things. I tried my hand at paper cutting. Of course, I wasn’t content when just cutting from a pattern. I had to draw the picture first and then turn it into a paper cutting design. It’s been fun so far.

I’ve also tried paper quilling…which is a lot harder than it looked, so I haven’t done many yet. But it’s challenged me, so I’m sure I’ll do more.

And, of course, I continue to write. In addition to Haunted, that was published last July…
I have a book just entering the editing phase, called Living Again which is about an amputee and his private in-home care provider who become friends, and eventually more. Jonah, the in-home care provider, also has a child with handicaps, who figures prominently in the story.

I also have another book under contract, called Through the Years which follows two men from their college days through their sixties. There’s lots of angst…because that’s what I do…and lots of humor and love.

And, of course, I’m currently writing yet another fiction which I hope to submit to possible publication soon.

When I’m not doing any of the above, I’m teaching special ed middle and high school kids, volunteering with various church activities, or just reading. I can’t just sit and do ‘nothing’. I never could. My idea of relaxing is to do something I enjoy. Fortunately, I have a wide variety of things I enjoy doing, and supportive friends and family who encourage me all the way.

Thanks again to Jessica for letting me come and ramble today. I’d be interested to know what hobbies (besides writing) you all have. Comment below and let me know or contact me at any of the below.

And feel free to sign up to be a guest on my blog.

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